Are you an Attorney handling Immigration Cases? June 18, signaled a great win for DACA and you should be prepared for the new cases that require your help.

Thursday, June 18, will be staying in history as a great win for equal chances and the young generations. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and it’s a program of the Obama-era that lets children and young teenagers who came to the US before the age of 16, live and work in the country. The Trump administration tried to stop DACA, all its initiatives, and benefits for the so-called dreamers, but it was shut down by SCOTUS, who voted in favor of keeping it alive. This is a turning point for a significant percentage of the society, and your Immigration law firm has to be ready to provide help to people in immediate need of your services. In this article, we’ll understand who is eligible to apply for DACA, and we’ll explain why now is the time your law firm needs to invest in bilingual Google Ads for DACA cases.

  • Who is eligible for DACA?

According to the National Immigration Law Center, the following criteria are in place:

  1. You have arrived in the US before turning 16. 
  2. You continuously reside in the country since June 15, 2007.
  3. You have either entered the United States without papers before June 15, 2012. If you entered with papers, your immigration status expired before that date. Additionally, you must not have a lawful immigration status when you apply for DACA.
  4. You must be physically present in the US when you apply and have also been physically present on June 15, 2012. 
  5. You are currently in school or have already graduated from it, or you have been honorably discharged as a veteran of the Coast Gard or armed forces. 
  6. You have not been convicted of a felony or significant misdemeanor offenses. 
  7. You don’t pose a threat to national security and/or public safety.
  8. You are at least 15 years old when you apply.

While somebody might think that it’s a straightforward process, there are complications and risks involved, and therefore, it’s highly recommended to consult an attorney who will guide applicants through the process. 

This is where it becomes an opportunity for Immigration law firms that are ready to help people who require their services. Applications are as of now available for renewal and first-time DACA applications.

  • Why is PPC the way to capture these cases for your Immigration law firm?

Experts expect cases to surface at a fast pace. Since the very first moment of the court’s announcement, celebrations began, and people are already weighing their options and trying to understand how they should proceed and who is the best Attorney for their DACA case. SEO is the way to go for organic traffic, but it takes time, and you don’t see immediate results. This means that it can’t be your first choice for the rapidly appearing cases. Similarly, traditional media, require a significant preparation stage and a disproportionate investment, while they don’t yield immediate results. On the other hand, PPC and Google Ads campaigns are the way to go, let’s explain why.

  1. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) , in comparison to SEO, can yield immediate results. From the moment you turn your optimized campaigns on, you will start seeing results. Of course, time is on your side performance-wise, as Google attributes higher Quality Scores to campaigns that run consistently. Don’t forget that not every Google Ads campaign will drive the right traffic that will convert to signed cases. Make sure to use landing pages for your PPC visitors, research your keywords and negative keywords, track your conversions, and have a click-fraud protection strategy in place.
  2. Your prospective customers are millennials or younger, which means that they are digital-native. When they search for a product or service, they’ll turn to the internet, and they’ll seek quick and satisfactory results. They research their journey, but they don’t want to wait, so you get an opportunity here to get in front of your audience, with a highly relevant PPC campaign for DACA.
  3.  With Google Ads, you can target the most relevant, high intent search terms and keywords, and additionally, you can limit your campaigns to reach people who are searching for the terms in your area of interest. So, for example, if you are an Immigration Attorney based in Austin, TX,  running Google Ads for DACA cases, your ads will only be shown to people searching for your services in the area your interest.
  4. Google Ads allow you to target specific devices. Why does it matter for you? As we already mentioned, your prospective client’s generation is millennial or younger. These age-groups prefer their mobile devices over desktop, and this shows higher intent. A mobile searcher who sees your add can immediately call you and potentially convert to a new case in a few simple steps.
  • Google Ads in Spanish for Your Immigration Law Firm’s DACA campaigns.

Latinx in the US represents over 18% of the total population. A lot of them are foreign-born and keep tight bonds with their Hispanic origins. Additionally, foreign-born Latinx are proficient in English at a percentage of 36%. DACA applicants are not born in the USA and thus are expected to share some of these characteristics. If we combine these data with the fact that Hispanics are mobile super users, we understand that highly relevant Google Ads campaigns in Spanish can be the best decision you can make to increase your DACA cases.

Tip: Google Ads in Spanish have lower average CPC compared to English. It’s your chance to sign new DACA cases and increase your law firm’s digital marketing ROI.

Below you will find data from the most recent census and research about Latinx proficiency in English:

It’s time for our key takeaways:

  • June 18, marks the day of a great win for young immigrants in the US. DACA applications are open again and you should expect a significant wave of new cases.
  • Digital marketing through Google Ads is your best choice to attract new clients who require your immediate help and are ready to convert.
  • You should prioritize Google Ads in Spanish. Your prospective clients’ profiles are a great match for Hispanic PPC campaigns.

Got questions or need assistance with your Immigration PPC strategy in Egnlish or Spanish? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are the bilingual digital marketing experts.