Can Display Ads contribute to your Personal Injury law firm’s success in digital marketing? In this article, we explore the Display Network and uncover its added value on your PI PPC. 

The Display Network might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about digital marketing for PI law firms. SEM and Google Ads for paid traffic and SEO for organic rankings are much more obvious contenders. In fact, we often see attorneys overlook the Display Network and Banner Ads. In previous articles, we covered the importance of investing in highly relevant bilingual PPC campaigns, explored the Google Core Update and its effect on law firms, and gave detailed and actionable tips for your PI law firm’s PPC. Today, we’ll explore the Display Network and its value for Personal Injury law firms, starting from the DOs and DONTs. Then we’ll deep-dive into practice area-specific examples that you can use to stand out.

Through the Display Network, Google ensures that your business gets in front of prospective clients while they browse the websites they love, watch YouTube Videos, check their Gmail, and use their favorite mobile apps. Below, you can find a brief explanation of the Display Ad categories.

1.Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads allow you to create semi-automated display campaigns for your PI law firm. This means you can provide Google with all your assets, such as your ad copy, images, and logo, and Google will use them to optimize your ads. The major advantage here is that your banners will blend with the publisher’s website, ensuring a native look. The disadvantage is you won’t have complete control over the outcome.

2.Image Ads

Image Ads are manual. You can design your banners, create an HTML code, or upload them as images, and Google will display your ads on the corresponding websites. This requires some extra work from your team, as you have to create different banners to fit the dimensions you prefer.

3.Engagement Ads

These are part of YouTube. You can use them in the form of video or image ads. The good news is that you don’t need to commit to a hefty video production investment. Instead, you can look into the new Google Video Builder tool that allows you to create short videos and use them as Bumper Ads on non-skippable in-stream ads.

4.Gmail Ads

Expandable Ads on the top of Gmail tabs.

What’s the value of Display Ads for your Personal Injury law firm? 

  • Remarketing

Remarketing is all about maximizing your chances for conversions. By setting the proper tracking, you can reach visitors who browsed your websites but didn’t end up converting. Then as soon as you have your PI display ads strategy in place, you can get in front of them with your banner ads on websites they enjoy surfing.  Let’s review two examples.

Remarketing display campaign for truck accidents.

For the first example, we’ll look into a case for PI law firms handling truck accidents and investing in Google Ads. Let’s consider that a prospective client clicked on your highly relevant ad and visited your dedicated landing page. There he found the information he was looking for but, for some reason, didn’t end up converting into an actual case. Is he a lost cause already? Not yet! You can track this visitor, and next time he visits a website, he will see your truck accident banner ad in front of him. That way, you get another chance with this particular lead who already knows your law firm and is interested in your services.

Remarketing for slip and fall cases in Spanish.

You can apply the same principles as the example above if your PI law firm handles slip and fall cases and invests in Google Ads for Hispanics. If a searcher clicks on your ad but doesn’t end up signing with your firm, you can get a second chance with the Display Network. What’s critical here is that you can add language targeting on your campaigns and show your carefully designed and transcreated ads on websites that are popular with Latinx targets.

  • Retargeting

There is often confusion between retargeting and remarketing, and some even consider them to be the same thing. In truth they should be treated separately. Retargeting is all about finding customers who have the potential to be interested in your services based on online or offline criteria. The difference here is that the visitor might have landed organically on your website, or through social media, such as Facebook or YouTube. What’s of great value at this point is to look into offline retargeting. This requires some manual work from your team, as the goal is to identify places of interest for your PI law firm, and then start targeting prospects that visited them. Let’s break it down with an example.

– Retargeting for car accident cases following an offsite approach

Where would someone involved in a car accident go after a car accident? Potentially to a healthcare provider or a repair shop for their car. Why is that valuable for your PI law firm? You probably already know such places of interest in your local area and can back it up with some research. Create a list of the places that are most relevant to your law firm. Once you have the list ready, use Google Display Ads with geotargeting to find new prospects. It doesn’t mean that every impression or click you get will be a new case. However, it does increase your chances of getting in front of prospective clients who need you and might not even know it yet. Even better? Display ads are significantly cheaper compared to Search Ads, and therefore you might be looking at new cases with a lower CPA.

Tip: Mobile traffic is critical for any advertiser, but especially for Personal Injury law firms. Ensure that your ads are ready for mobile traffic. Work on your design and banner types to capture high intent mobile traffic. If you are investing in bilingual ads, remember to keep your ad groups organized for each language (English, Spanish, etc.).

It’s time for our key takeaways.

  • People often disregard the Display Network, but it represents an opportunity for new cases with a lower CPA.
  • It’s important to set your expectations and work strategically with PI display ads. Your law firm’s campaigns should concentrate on Remarketing and Retargeting. That way you’re not leaving anything on the plate for your competitors.
  • You should research your message, design, language, and images to make them assertive, appealing, and positive. If, for example, you want to target Latinx clients, you should prepare your ads accordingly.