Social Media are part of our lives; especially nowadays, since during the COVID-19 outbreak users are spending even more time on social platforms. Tik Tok is the one that Gen Z uses the most.  

The ongoing pandemic is keeping us partially isolated, away from many of our beloved ones, and incapable of performing our most favorite hobbies. We are keeping the so-called social distance, and we tend to turn to social media for any form of entertainment, engagement or social interaction. Numbers don’t lie and show a significant increase in the time people spend on social networks. People can’t go out, so they don’t collect new traveling or foodie material from their trips or visits to restaurants. What can they do? Either use “stock” photos or be creative! Well, Tik Tok is emerging as a creative social network where people dance, act and sing, giving excellent meme-material to the world.

What is Tik Tok?

“Tik Tok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy”. This is the official company mission you can find on the network’s “about us” page. In other words, people visit the app to find creative, fun videos or even create them. Since it doesn’t require specific and expensive setups or extensive video making experience like youtube, everybody can transform an idea to a short video that can go viral using a mobile phone.  

Who is the typical Tik Tok user?

First, let’s first talk about generations. The typical user is Gen-Z (60%), their characteristic is that they like being creative trendsetters. It happened to every social platform and it’ll happen here too, previous generations (Millenials, or even Baby Boomers) will join as followers or late adopters and the time is probably now, during the weeks that people will need to come up with new ways to spend time and entertain themselves. As of early March, there were over 800 million active Tik Tok users and this number is expected to rise even further. You might be wondering if it’s relevant in the US. Is it? It is. With over 41m downloads in the States since November 2019 and over 60m active Tik Tok users, it is obvious, Tik Tok is here not only to stay but to grow. 

Remember: Hispanics are heavy social media users according to Nielsen reports and inevitably they get on Tik Tok.

Can I use Tik Tok for my law firm?

Colossal brands, celebrities, entertainment stars, are all joining Tik Tok and are trying to find creative ways to promote themselves and increase their awareness with Gen Z. From Lauren Gray (a 17-year-old singer and influencer) to Redbull (the brand is just about to hit the 4m mark), successful Tik Tok accounts have some things in common. We’ve gathered them and we’ll guide you through the DOs and DON’TS.

  • Do not try selling. You need to understand how Tik Tok works and find creative ways to build brand awareness. Remember, Gen Z is digital-native and they are skeptical of people who “intrude”. They don’t mind being targeted by sales efforts as long as they are creative. Take the example of Red Bull. They don’t actively advertise their products, they use their tagline “It gives you wings” and it’s very effective. Their strategy allows them to establish a deep connection between the brand and the user.

  • As Attorneys, you are serious and respected professionals, but sometimes people (and especially young adults) view your profession with a sort of suspicion. This is your chance to prove them wrong. Show your fun part (while respecting your authority), take part in challenges that fit your profile. Remember to be natural, it might be awkward and sometimes you might cringe but this might be your tool to becoming viral.

  • Tik Tok is all about challenges. Find interesting ways to talk about law, your life as an Attorney, your law firm. Create your challenge and tag your peers to get them involved and create engaging content. A lot of organizations have already created their branded hashtag challenge and it’s working. Chipotle is the most prominent example here, not just for their overall Tik Tok strategy, but also for the #chipotlelidflip branded hashtag that made it to trendings. 

  • Are you able to produce Hispanic content? If not, you might have someone in the office who can do it for you. Hispanic marketing is a necessity and content in Spanish can prove to be very powerful on Tik Tok as it’ll give you exposure to a significant part of the population.

  • Partner up with a well-known content creator in your local market (city or state). If you operate at a nationwide level, then it’s even better as you could have a bigger array of options.   Find the most suitable for your law firm, educate them and make sure they understand where you come from and what is your vision and strategy. They possess the know-how and they can give a valuable boost to your brand (and your Tik Tok profile). Influencer marketing isn’t new, it’s enormous on Instagram and it can potentially be very powerful on Tik Tok.

  • Another form of a collaborative project could be a “Duet Challenge”. Partner up either with an influencer or with someone you get along with very well. In a duet challenge, you add a new video on an already existing one and in the end, they create a split-screen.  

Real-life example: Anthony Barbuto is “The Lawyer” of Tik Tok and he’s grown his followers base to 2m. Another example is that of Ethen Ostroff who is creating content (mainly Q&As) that tie his area of practice (Personal Injury) to teens and young adults.  

Tip: Tik Tok advertisement is still a bit uncertain. Keep a close eye, try monitoring what’s happening and talk to an expert who can guide you to success. Sometimes a blue ocean strategy can yield unprecedented results.

What are the key takeaways?

  1. Tik Tok is all about video, creativity, and fun.
  2. Tik Tok is growing. Young adults and teens are the majority but Millenials and Boomers will eventually follow. 
  3. People spend more time on social networks due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  4. There are multiple ways a law firm can use it to create brand awareness, open up to Gen Z, and why not, become viral.
  5. Be careful with your choices. You want to be creative without diluting your law firm’s brand identity.
  6. Monitor and explore Tik Tok advertisement, it can prove to be very effective.