Hispanics are amongst the most desirable clients for law firms. But are you relevant to them?

In an age where people care more than ever about their identity and heritage, making a cultural connection with your desired market is a must. Hispanics stand out for being overly selective about whom they hire to handle their legal cases. And if you think that having a staff member who speaks Spanish is enough to earn their business, you are wrong.

Here are the three steps that will get you more Hispanic clients:

Tip #1

If you were in Canada and you were looking for a doctor, which doctor would you prefer to have a consultation with?

Option A – Good reviews, and all of his website is in French, with only one page in English containing basic info that leaves you wanting more details.

Option B – Good reviews, and a full website in English and French, this doctor made sure that you were able to interact digitally with his practice in the language you felt comfortable with and without compromising on the quality of your experience.

Your Hispanic market wants you to provide them with option B.

Tip #2

Complete a thorough market analysis of the local search terms that are relevant for your law firm in relation to your practice areas and build campaigns with specific ads and landing pages that are designed and tested for conversion. Of course, all of this has to be done using original copywriting crafted by native Spanish speakers who are familiar with your local market. 

Tip within a tip: – Don’t use Google Translate to create content in Spanish, the poor quality will put your law firm’s integrity at stake.

Tip #3

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a generic TV ad shot in your office with your bookshelves as a background, your entire team of paralegals smiling directly to the camera while you are reciting the “som-oz law-s may-hor-ss…” script. No matter what the Univision salesperson says, it doesn’t work.

Winning the Hispanic market is not impossible, but it does require planning, market insights, and outstanding execution. If your law firm has a team of bilingual certified digital marketing masters, then congratulations on being among the very few that see the value of marketing to Latinos the right way. For those who don’t have that but still want to succeed, we are here to help.