By avoiding these common Google Ads mistakes, you can increase qualified conversions for your Law Firm.

Google Ads can be a powerful platform for your law firm, one that can put you in front of potential injured clients who need your help. However, if your Google Ads account is not configured and optimized frequently, it can generate junk leads at a high cost. Below, we list the three most common mistakes we encounter when we take over an existing Google Ads account, as well as tips on how to fix them.

1: Too Many Keywords.

Not understanding how to set a campaign and its ad groups can leave you without money and leads. Too many keywords on your campaign can end up making you irrelevant, which will lead to a low Google Quality Score, high cost per click, and no conversions.

Tip – Create different ad groups for each of your practice areas. For instance, if you offer immigration and personal injury services, keep your keywords and ads organized in various campaigns and ad groups. If you do that, when a user is searching for a personal injury attorney, they will see an ad that talks about personal injury as opposed to one that discusses immigration,(or even worse, an ad that tries to cover it all).

2: Wrong Match Type.

Choosing the right match type for your keywords will play a fundamental role in the quality of the leads you will be generating. Leave it too broad, and you will be generating junk;, make it too narrow and no one will see your add. So, what is the right balance? Well, it depends on how competitive the market you are in is, but as a general rule you want to stay away from the broad match approach if you can’t manage it, instead using an exact match approach for your highest intent keywords, as this will cost you a lot of money.

Tip – Experiment with your keywords. Set some on broad and learn about your market and, how people are searching in it, and build an excellent negative keyowords list based on the search terms that are not of interest to you. On the other hand, you will also discover valuable keywords that are high- converting, and you can add them to your keyword list as broad match modifiers and phrase matches.

3: Keep Display and Search Separate.

When first configuring your account, there will be a point where Google will pre-select an option to use your search ads on the display network. Don’t do it. Search ads are suitable for where they were designed for existing, and that is the Google Search Network;, showing your text ads as a picture on a random website where there is probably already text is not going to drive conversions, and you will end up losing relevancy.

Tip – Create banners that are appealing and have a call to action. Then use them on a display network campaign to retarget users who have visited your website or have clicked on your ads. This is a powerful way of staying top of mind on leads that have already engaged with you and guiding them to conversion.

Getting results from Google Ads is possible; we have seen our clients thrive and grow their practices because of that. However, to generate the results that you want, you to need to invest time and effort optimizing your campaigns. How often, you might ask? Daily. If you want to learn more about how to set up a winning Google Ad strategy, reach out, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.