If You Want to Go Big, Go Tort: English and Spanish Online Strategies for Mass Tort

They don’t put the word “mass” in Mass Torts for nothing. If your law firm is looking to get involved in one, you already know they carry huge profit potential. Whether you’re looking to join an ongoing Tort or have reason to believe you’ve discovered a possible new one, you’ll need a client (or a few) in order to stake your claim. Mass Tort digital marketing is how you turn potential into reality. So, it’s a good thing we specialize in both English and Spanish online campaigns that can help you expand your reach. If your legal expertise guides you to a Mass Tort case, our marketing expertise will guide clients to you. Mass Torts require multiple clients with the same issue.

Sample calls of Hispanic accident cases

Sometimes the burden of proof is just that, a burden. With Mass Torts, that burden can be a little lighter. You’ve likely done your research and know there are prospective clients out there that need a small nudge to get involved. We help lawyers dominate their local Hispanic and English speaking communities by keeping your PPC and SEO campaigns at the top of the SERPs. In other words, we make sure you stand out, so you can help clients stand up to companies that have wronged them.

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Hit Them With Your Best Shot With Bilingual Marketing Strategies

You know what they say, misery loves company. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit bleak, but our point is, Mass Tort cases rely heavily on a pattern of harm. That means tracking a product has had a negative impact on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. You’ll want to use every tool in your tool belt to reach potential clients and running Spanish ads is a pretty nifty one if we do say so ourselves. Need more convincing? Here are just a few Mass Tort opportunities gaining traction in the Hispanic market:

Zantac Marketing Campaigns

With significant overall awareness and enough monthly searches to prove nationwide interest, PPC can easily target high-intent prospects.

Aqueous Fire-Fighting Foam Film Marketing Campaigns

Search volumes are low on this one. Target firefighters on a national level with Facebook Ads to generate interest.

Hernia Mesh Marketing Campaigns

With significant awareness and search volume, this case is a good fit for Google Ads that can target high-intent searches.

Paragard Marketing Campaigns

Search volume has been on the rise but have yet to peak. A social media campaign can attract prospects.

Elmiron Marketing Campaigns

Search volumes are around 5000/month on Google. Google Ads and Social Media campaigns should target prospects in the research stage.

Roundup Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Ads can target local markets, creating a significant but specific audience that’ll make sure your case stands out.

The 3M Earplugs Marketing Campaigns

For this highly niche case involving an identifiable group (military) with similar health issues (tinnitus), we recommend targeted Facebook Ads.

Paraquat Marketing Campaigns

Still in its early stages, organic and paid social media posts can build awareness and attract curious prospects.

Clearview AI Marketing Campaigns

It has low search volume, but Canada has already banned them from taking information from Canadians, suggesting it’s got legs.

Juul Marketing Campaigns

The audience here is mostly GenZ, meaning they’re easy to find online. Instagram, or even TikTok can connect you.

Talc (Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder) Marketing Campaigns

J&J spent years targeting Hispanic women for their products, many of whom are unaware of ongoing litigation.

Valsartan Marketing Campaigns

A 2018 recall led to a wave of investigations. Awareness campaigns that educate can turn interested parties into leads.

Belviq Marketing Campaigns

Search volumes are low, and no settlements have been made, meaning it’s a good opportunity to get in early.

High-Intent | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

There’s massive potential in Spanish Mass Tort campaigns.

What are Mass Torts if not full of potential? These cases offer law firms big rewards. However, if you’re only running your ads in English, you risk missing out on a market with massive potential. Successful Torts start with successful digital campaigns that reach highly targeted audiences. The Hispanic population is growing and so is their market power. As a tech savvy group, there’s no better population to connect with online if you’re looking for big returns. Our English and Spanish ads and SEO campaigns do more than translate. They speak to the diverse cultural needs of the Latinx community. When it comes to Mass Torts, getting clients to trust you is more important than ever. We can make it happen.

Serving You Who Serve the Community

Since Mass Torts are so complex, you’re going to want digital marketers that know what they’re doing. Our 15 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns for attorneys makes us well-versed in finding and targeting the audience that’s going to give you the best case. We get your law firm in front of prospective clients, so you can focus on their needs.


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Mass Torts have massive benefits. PPC can make them massive-er. Our high-intent, manually managed, and hourly optimized bilingual campaigns, get you more leads for less.

Mass Torts require a lot of digging to get to the bottom of them. We thought we’d make your results easy to find and understand.

Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. While you’re busy taking on corporate giants, we got something for you. Your very own Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT). Your LDT is designed to help you mark qualified and unqualified leads, record call submissions, and keep track of your campaign progress in a way that makes sense to you.

Click fraud prevention. Time is money and so are clicks. When you're building your case, you can’t afford to waste a single ad dollar. We make sure to protect your PPC campaigns from the get-go with the most effective click fraud prevention software in the biz.

Heatmaps. Finding clients that help you build a case is our top priority. Knowing where your audience is and what’s connecting with them allows us to focus your campaigns so you can win Latinx clients every time.

You build your case. We’ll build your Latinx leads.

Bilingual campaigns that are more than translation. They’re cultural communication. If you’re looking to grow your clients, you need to build trust quickly. With your legal know-how and our bilingual marketing prowess, you’ll be connected with Hispanic clients in no time.

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