Family Matters: English and Spanish Online Strategies for Family Law

Whether in court or at Thanksgiving, family can be tough. However, breaking up a family certainly isn’t any easier. Unfortunately the laws surrounding divorce, custody battles, and spousal support claims can add to an already fraught time in a family’s life. When facing an uncertain future, individuals want a rock-solid attorney to get them through some pretty bumpy terrain. We specialize in English and Spanish digital marketing campaigns that get you in front of families and individuals in the Hispanic community who need your services when they need them. Divorce and all the fallout that often comes with it can make prospective clients feel the path forward is impossible. We want to help make the path to you a little easier.

Sample calls of Hispanic accident cases

When families are going through tough times, whether they’re separating or negotiating alimony, finding a lawyer that can help them sort through the mess is going to be high on their list of priorities. Getting your law firm to the top of the SERPs is one of the best ways to be top of mind. Through our English and Spanish campaigns, we use high-intent keywords to let Hispanic clients know that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get them results. 

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F Is For Family Law Marketing Strategies in English and Spanish

Some companies like to keep their secrets to digital marketing all in the family, but we don’t mind looping you in. Our bilingual PPC and SEO campaigns are so successful because we’ve spent over 10 years honing our craft. Our English and Spanish ads earn you the highest ROI for every ad dollar spent because we’re pros at creating hyper-focused campaigns that speak to the cultural as well as language needs of the Hispanic community. On top of that, we know what kinds of cases our clients want and how to target them. Check out a few of our most sought after campaigns:


No two people are exactly the same, so it’s probably not all that surprising that no divorce is going to be the same either. One thing that is true though? A lawyer makes it easier to navigate. Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, needs a mediator or is incredibly collaborative, it’s going to be a unique challenge that depends a lot on the individuals involved. Our targeted bilingual campaigns get you in front of your local Hispanic community so when they’re looking for answers, you’re there to take their questions.

Child Custody

As if divorce or legal separation weren’t sticky enough, when kids are in the mix things get even stickier. And not just because of jam hands. While most people want to do what’s best for their children during a difficult time, they aren’t always going to agree on what that best is. We use targeted English and Spanish campaigns so Spanish and English speaking prospects alike know that you can help them weigh their options and find the best answers when it comes to child custody. When waters are at their choppiest, let them know you’ve got the anchor.  


No matter which side of the alimony coin your client is on (giving or receiving), it’s bound to bring up some strong feelings. Money’s funny that way. We know alimony cases can take time to determine because they are based on so many variables, from length of marriage to household expenses. This period of uncertainty means prospective clients want someone they can trust to hold them steady. If you’re looking to help Latinx prospects settle in for the long haul, our English and Spanish PPC ads are here to help you connect. 

High-Intent | Bilingual | Cost-Effective

Spanish campaigns that keep you in the game.

The key to any successful relationship starts with good communication. So if you’re looking to connect with your local Hispanic community, you better be advertising in Spanish. The US Latinx population continues to grow, and they need lawyers to navigate a bumpy road just like any other demographic. They’re also a tech savvy bunch that often prefer to read ads in Spanish even if they’re English speakers as well. If you’re advertising in English alone you’re missing out on an opportunity to let this market know that you’ve taken the time to understand their unique cultural and language needs. Our bilingual campaigns are the first step in building trust with a market that could become one of your most loyal client bases.

Family Law Marketing Services Fit For You

Most people going through a divorce are likely doing it for the first time. They’re counting on your experience to guide them through it. While you’re helping them, we want to do the same for you. We put our 15+ years of experience managing legal digital marketing campaigns to work for you. No matter how small or large, we get you more cases for less ad spend.


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Family issues aren’t always black-and-white. We make understanding your results a bit easier.

Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. You spend your days untangling peoples’ lives from each other. We thought making your campaigns easier to interpret would be a nice reprieve. Your personal Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT) is designed to make it easy to mark qualified and unqualified leads, record call submissions, and keep track of your campaign progress.

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Stand out from the crowd with bilingual campaigns that connect with your local Hispanic community.

Spanish campaigns are a great first step to introduce yourself to the Latinx community. However, it takes a little more than just translating English copy into Spanish. Our cultural knowledge will have you ten steps ahead of the competition.

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