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Increases Hispanic Community Search Engagement to Grow Revenue 5X in 6 months
Lorenzo Law Group

“Nanato Media is such an effective partner that I want to keep moving forward just as we have been. I want to continue like this, growing together.”

Attorney Carlos Lorenzo Lorenzo Law Group

The Client Lorenzo Law Group

Since Attorney Carlos Lorenzo founded Lorenzo Law Group in Orlando Florida and expanded the practice to Virginia, the firm has built a five-star reputation. Lorenzo has helped many individuals and families achieve their American dream by providing accessible, expert legal guidance. His extensive expertise includes solving immigration challenges from citizenship and green card applications, to H-1B visas, and family migration and reunification.

As advocates for the Hispanic community, Lorenzo Law Group provides consultations, interviews, and other services natively in Spanish. To further support community members requiring counsel, Lorenzo Law Group offers financial assistance with up to 100% financing.

“By putting its services within reach of those who need it, Lorenzo Law Group helps clients with nowhere else to turn navigate language barriers, complex US immigration regulations, and the intricate emotional and legal aspects of family reunification in a second language,” says Liel Levy, Co-founder, Nanato Media.

"Unlike my previous experiences with other agencies, everything with Nanato Media has gone remarkably well. With Nanato Media we continue to grow and surpass our goals. It is magnificent."

Lorenzo Law Group
Attorney Carlos Lorenzo Lorenzo Law Group

The Challenge Establishing a foothold as a newcomer in an established marketplace

Despite 15 years of experience in other law offices, as a new firm with only 2 years in operation, Lorenzo Law Group struggled to acquire clients in the highly competitive immigration law sector. The firm's main pain point was squaring up against long-established competitors with solid client bases and extensive financial resources. 

“It is difficult to achieve rapid growth in the immigration law marketplace, especially within the Hispanic community,” explains Levy. “The competition is fierce and, going up against the larger firms, budget is always an issue.”

Overcoming cultural barriers and resonating with a Hispanic audience 

After budget, the next barrier to success for the Lorenzo Law Group was finding a marketing agency culturally equipped to resonate with its intended demographic.

“Previous agencies struggled to accurately target and connect with Hispanic clients,” says Natalie Fragkouli, Co-founder, Nanato Media. “They lacked the deeper cultural understanding of the unique immigration pain points, cultural nuances, and even the Spanish language, to effectively bring clients in the door.”

Delivering clients rather than promises 

Because of that inability to connect, the agency struggled to penetrate the Virginia, Maryland, and DC markets. This hindered Lorenzo Law Group’s ability to achieve its full potential.

“Unable to deliver growth, the agency put the firm under strain and damaged its expansion plans. They were looking for a cost-effective, results-driven partnership that delivered clients rather than promises,” says Levy. “They wanted to generate more leads so that the firm could grow faster. The long-term vision was to be the go-to-law firm for immigration services in the Latino community .” 

In the past, we did six consultations, four days per week. Now, we are increasing that to eight per day over five days. Thanks to Nanato Media, every time we extend our consulting capacity, we also increase our revenue.”

Lorenzo Law Group
Attorney Carlos Lorenzo Lorenzo Law Group

The Solution Nanato Media — Legal marketing specialists attuned to the Hispanic community 

As frustration with its previous agency mounted, Lorenzo Law Group turned to Google for alternative solutions and discovered Hispanic legal marketing specialists, Nanato Media. Offering high-quality marketing and advertising strategies that foster inclusivity and bridge the diversity gap in both Spanish and English, Nanato Media was exactly what the firm was looking for. Given his experience with other agencies, however, Attorney Carlos Lorenzo was skeptical.

“Lorenzo Law Group worked unsuccessfully with at least two other agencies before they found Nanato Media,” says Fragkouli. “Not convinced we could make a significant difference, they waited six months before giving us the green light.”

Understanding the Hispanic marketplace

Kicking off the partnership with a Latinx Strategy Session, Nanato Media rapidly put Lorenzo Law Group’s misgivings to rest.

“The Latinx Strategy Session gave the firm its first genuine insights into the immigration law marketplace. It provided hard metrics on the Lorenzo Law Group’s market demand, competitors, and current market position,” says Levy. “It also highlighted how much opportunity there was for the firm — the search volumes for its services among Latinos were very high.”

Leveraging that information, Nanato Media worked with Lorenzo Law Group to establish a strategy — a series of realistic goals for client acquisition, lead quality (conversions), and return on marketing investment. With the strategy established, Nanato Media kicked off the Lorenzo Law Group campaign. 

“We began by performing in-depth research to understand the nuances of the Hispanic demographic’s immigration needs,” says Levy. “Based on our research, we designed, implemented, and managed laser-focused Google search campaigns and created compelling Spanish ad copy to increase the firm's online visibility and attract clients.”

Detailed reporting and daily campaign optimization 

To track Lorenzo Law Group’s campaign progress and ensure the firm’s money was effectively working towards its goals, Nanato also put in place detailed reporting practices. Monitoring every aspect of the campaign, Nanato Media optimized the campaign’s content, focus, and budgets daily.

“Taking a pragmatic, metric-oriented approach, Nanato Media reached and engaged with the Hispanic community to drive Lorenzo Law Group’s revenue growth,” says Levy.

The Results Team growth and 5x surge in revenue

Throughout its initial five-month partnership with Lorenzo Law Group, the Nanato Media strategy helped Lorenzo Law Group transform the business by exceeding each of its early goals. 

Monthly revenue growth of 500%

The most striking result of the collaboration was a revenue surge that increased Lorenzo Law Group’s income by 500% in six months.

“Unlike my experiences with other agencies, everything with Nanato Media has gone remarkably well,” says Lorenzo. “With Nanato Media we continue to grow and surpass our goals. It is magnificent.”

Expanding the team from 1 part-time to 3 full-time employees

As a result of the revenue surge and Lorenzo Law Group’s steadily growing client list, the firm has expanded its team to handle the growing workload and better serve its new clients.

“In addition to myself, Lorenzo Law Group now has two full-time employees to handle our increased caseload, and we are already looking for one more,” says Lorenzo. 

Demand exceeds capacity

Because Nanato Media has delivered a conversion rate of 28% — four times the norm in the legal industry — Lorenzo Law Group has more consultations than its current team can handle.

“In the past, we did six consultations, four days per week,” says Lorenzo. “Now, we are increasing that to eight per day over five days. Thanks to Nanato Media, every time we extend our consulting capacity, our revenue grows.” 

As Lorenzo Law Group continues to make strides into the Hispanic market, Carlos Lorenzo is already looking to the future. That means increasing the firm’s monthly revenue goals for late 2023 and exploring the potential of Facebook and YouTube campaigns with an eye toward expanding into other markets.

“Nanato Media is such an effective partner that I want to keep moving forward just as we have been,” says Lorenzo. “I want to continue like this, growing together.”


  • Well-established competition with extensive financial resources
  • Inability to accurately target and connect with Hispanic clients
  • Underperforming strategy failed to deliver ROI


  • Developed laser-targeted Google Ad and search optimization strategy
  • Extensive research into current market position, demand, and competitors, to identify opportunity
  • Detailed reporting and daily campaign optimization to safeguard ROI


  • 500% Increase in monthly revenue 
  • Expanded team capacity to three full-time employees to accommodate high conversion success
  • Increased consultations from 24 to 40 client interviews weekly

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