Future So Bright, We’re Gonna Need Solar Panels: English and Spanish Online Strategies for Solar Companies

Solar energy is hot right now, and we’re not just talking about the temperature. With the world gearing up to shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, there’s never been a better time to start letting potential solar consumers know you’re here and you’ve got the gear. While you’re busy harnessing the power of the sun, let us dazzle your target market. With a specialty in creative renewable energy marketing solutions in English and Spanish, we’ll make sure your company shines as brightly as the…you get the idea. The world is ready for green energy. With a bilingual digital marketing strategy, we’ll get you in front of Latinx consumers the moment they start looking for solar energy solutions.

Let There Be Solar Marketing Campaigns

As climate change reshapes the way we think about energy and consumption, we want to take this opportunity to say, we think solar energy is a pretty bright idea. (We should also take this opportunity to apologize in advance for the number of solar puns we are going to use). Consumers are on the hunt for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, so there’s never been a better time to get in front of them. Outshine the competition with original ad copy and web design that will establish your brand in an ever-expanding market while reducing your advertising budget.

Google Ads Search Campaigns

We know one of the biggest issues local solar companies face is competition from national solar companies falsely advertise themselves as local. With all due respect, we think companies that use these tricks to steal consumers from local businesses outta stick it where the sun don’t shine. Lucky for you, we’re already on top of it. While the bidding power of national solar may seem intimidating, we’re pros at outmaneuvering them by achieving higher Google Quality scores that will send your Google Ads straight to the top. 

Google Ads Display Campaigns

With so much to look at on the internet, it’s hard to keep consumers from getting distracted by something shiny. Fortunately, we use stunning banners to ensure that you are that something shiny that’s capturing the attention of prospective customers. Bilingual display ads are a great way to educate would-be buyers on the downright exhaustive list of benefits solar energy offers. While you sweet talk Helios, the Grecian sun god, we create hyper-focused campaigns that target niche demographics based on factors ranging from homeownership status to topics of interest. 

Facebook Ads And Retargeting

Just like little orphan Annie knows the sun’ll come out tomorrow, we know there’s nothing more powerful in reinforcing your message than retargeting through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads have some of the most sophisticated analytic tools available, allowing us to create personalized ads for consumers who’ve already shown interest in your business. Every customer may be as unique as a snowflake, but with the power of our targeted solar marketing campaigns, we’ll make them melt at the sight of campaigns that speak directly to their needs and interests. 

Targeted | High-Converting | Measurable

How do we know what solar customers want? Because Nanato Media is one!

Oh, solar, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Is it the utility bill savings, the substantial tax credits, or the ability to enable a business or residence to go off the grid? Renewable energy has so many benefits it can be hard for solar energy companies to choose a concise and snappy message for Google Ad campaigns. However, too many good things to say is a problem we don’t mind solving. As experienced digital markers, we’ve run numerous campaigns that successfully navigated the complexity of solar digital marketing. As solar energy consumers, we understand the journey potential customers go on because, well, we’ve been there. At Nanato, the months we spent researching the right solar panels powers the way we reach out to consumers. 

Solving for Solar (Websites)

They say never judge a book by its cover, but, like it or not, a dapper website is gonna turn more heads. Get a website that’ll keep you growing right along with the solar industry.

Sport a stunning solar brand image and web design

At the end of the day, the upfront costs of solar aren’t cheap. Inevitably, customers spending the money on renewable energy are going to be pretty discerning when it comes to choosing their solar company. That means you need a web design that’s going to blow them away if you want to attract consumers from a higher-income demographic. However, we know it takes more than a pretty face to pull in new clients. With killer SEO architecture, search engines will be starring your website in no time.

Educate your market with renewable energy content

In the world of energy consumption, solar is still relatively new, and you better believe consumers are going to have questions. Harness the power of their curiosity with relevant, educational content. Our solar writers get you to the top of the search engine page results by covering topics ranging from the benefits of solar to the nitty gritty of what solar photovoltaic panels are. We’ll create content in Spanish too, so you can take advantage of a market many competitors have yet to explore. 

Be relevant at every step or your customer’s journey
in English and Spanish.

Measure you leads as well as you measure the sun with our Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT)

Did we mention we love solar? As solar users ourselves, one of our favorite aspects is the ability to track how much energy we generate, money we save, and even how much of our carbon footprint we’re reducing. So, we get it! As clients, we think you deserve the same kind of transparency from your digital marketing team. With our Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT), it’s easy for you to see how many clicks your campaigns have generated as well as which of those clicks converted to calls, web form submissions, and qualified leads. By tracking which campaigns and keywords are generating the most leads, we keep on top of the trends, so your digital campaigns are always ready to outshine the rest. 

Meet green consumers where they’re at.

Kermit the Frog got it right when he said, “It’s not easy being green.” You and your customers know it’s a worthwhile pursuit. With targeted digital marketing, connect with consumers that are as passionate about renewable energy as you are.