Apples to Manzanas: English and Spanish Healthcare Online Strategies

While the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is incredibly catchy, an actual 2015 study found apple and non-apple eaters alike had the same number of doctor visits. That’s the last time we take medical advice that rhymes. When it comes to medical care, people want to bring their business to healthcare professionals they can trust. Not only that, they want doctors and nurses that understand and respect their cultural and language needs. After all, the people taking care of your health are often going to see you at your most vulnerable. We specialize in attracting new patients from the Hispanic market using English and Spanish online strategies that get you in front of patients when they need you most.

Apples to Manzanas: English and Spanish Healthcare Online Strategies

We Live to Serve Your Healthcare Marketing Needs

Healthcare is serious business, and patients looking for medical providers are bound to be picky when doing their research. The most likely place they’ll be doing said research? Online. An online presence is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to get in front of prospective patients. That’s where we come in. We know you’ve dedicated years to learning how to be the best healthcare provider you can be. So while you’re focusing on providing the best care, let us use our 15 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns for medical professionals to get patients who need you in the door.

Healthcare Google Ads Campaigns

While Shakespeare may call a rose whatever he pleases, when it comes to the wording of online medical ads, we know Google, Facebook, and other online platforms are extremely strict about what language is allowed to appear on them. As people who use medical services, we’re big fans of this. As digital marketers, we know how frustrating it can be for ads that miss the mark to get taken down. Our medical content writers know the dos and don'ts that will ensure your English and Spanish ads run without interruption. 

Healthcare Website Development

Looks certainly aren’t everything, but stellar reviews paired with a killer website are sure to turn more than a few heads. With high competition in the healthcare industry, a polished website optimized for SEO is a surefire way to stand out against the competition. If WebMD has taught us anything, it’s that prospective patients want access to medical information and they want it now. Use your website to manage your online reputation, provide an easy way to book appointments, and put valuable information about your clinic at their fingertips.  

Healthcare SEO

A second chance at love is aspirational. Medical providers don’t have that luxury. Remarketing isn’t an option for the healthcare industry, so SEO that gets it right the first time is essential to high conversion rates. Specificity is key to pairing you with patients which is why our SEO campaign is tailormade to target the ones that align with your unique healthcare knowledge at whatever stage of the funnel they’re in. We only need one chance to show you how effective our English and Spanish strategies are when it comes to winning new patients. 

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You need patients and patients need you. Get more in the door with a targeted bilingual healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Providing for the Providers

You’ve got places to be and patients to see. We have years of experience creating custom bilingual digital marketing campaigns for doctors, ERs, hospitals, and more and are here to lighten the load.

Digital Marketing for Doctors

As experts ourselves, we understand that being the best doctor around is an impressive achievement in its own right. It takes focus, discipline, and the ability to outsource things like your online marketing strategy to others. That’s where we come in. With medical marketing services geared to drive more patients to your practice, we’ll count ourselves successful when we have to stop advertising because your practice can’t handle any more new patients. It wouldn’t be the first time!

Digital Marketing for ERs

More than any other healthcare choice, ERs are a game time decision. In the case of an emergency, there’s less deep research and more “Are we there yet?”. Our job is to make sure your digital marketing strategy ensures you’re the “there” patients are talking about by keeping you two steps ahead of the competition and increasing your patient walk-ins. Use our tried and true methods to get more patients while maximizing the return on your digital marketing investment. 

Digital Marketing for Hospitals

When it comes to healthcare, we know hospitals are the backbone of the industry. Patients know it too, which is why they look for the best when deciding where they’re going to get surgery, deliver their children, or take their loved ones. We help you put your best foot forward, with local Search Engine Optimization that highlights the medical services you specialize in. That and Google Ads Search Network campaigns are proven strategies that will attract new patients when they need you.

In English and Spanish, cut through the clutter and show your patients why you're the best choice through every step of their medical journey.

Be in the know every step of the way with our Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT)

When you care for your patients, you know they’ll measure your success through results they can see. We don’t think you deserve anything less when it comes to understanding the results of your digital marketing campaigns. Through our Lead Tracking Dashboard (LDT), all medical providers we partner with can see a live representation of their new patients, what digital campaign they came from, and whether or not they are a qualified lead. Armed with this information, you get to see what’s working, and we get to continue to hone our strategies. While medicine thrives on science, digital marketing is a data driven art form. By keeping in constant communication, we’re able to continuously keep up with changing trends to keep you in front of prospective patients.

Having trouble attracting new patients?

We’ve got a remedy for that. With targeted SEO campaigns we connect you with prospective patients before they need you. With medical Google Ad campaigns, we get patients to you when they need you most.