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Healthcare Marketing Services

The way patients are looking for healthcare providers is changing. Today, patients research online and select the best doctor or clinic for their needs. We help you make it easy for prospective patients to find you, pick you, walk-in, or make their first medical appointment. We have over 15 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns for doctors, hospitals, and emergency rooms. With a healthcare marketing strategy from Nanato Media, you can be sure that we will create a steady stream of new patients to your practice. We take care of growing your business through targeted medical campaigns while you focus on taking good care of your patients.

Healthcare Google Ads Campaigns

Our vast experience in medical advertising, in both Spanish and English, has taught us how to overcome the challenges that come with medical PPC campaigns. We focus your campaign set up and optimizations on getting high-quality scores and lower the costs per click. We know how medical information can be extremely sensitive and how seriously Google and Facebook are taking this by restricting certain language on ads. Our medical content writers are extremely cautious about making sure that your ads will be running without any interruptions and disapprovals that can harm your overall account performance.

Healthcare Website Development

With high competition in the healthcare industry, a polished website optimized for SEO, can help you become more accessible to your prospective patients 24/7. Even if your online reviews are great, they are not enough when someone looks you up. Your website is one way to influence, control, and manage your online reputation. You can provide new patients with valuable information about your practice or clinic, and provide an appointment booking system that can allow your patients to book an appointment with you. It can also be an excellent platform for you to add and highlight your patients’ reviews.

Healthcare SEO

SEO is essential for medical providers, mainly because remarketing is not an option for the healthcare industry; therefore, this very critical digital touchpoint is eliminated. That calls for an increasing need for high visibility and rankings in the SERPs, as well as high conversion rates. We can help with a targeted SEO campaign. We start by mapping out your various personas and create campaigns that target specific people aligning with your level of healthcare knowledge or the stage of the funnel they’re in. We create specific content and optimize your website with the best SEO practices in English and Spanish.
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Increase the numbers of patients you treat and get a better ROI with a targeted bilingual healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Medical Providers

Get the most out of your online healthcare marketing strategy. See results. We create custom bilingual digital marketing campaigns for Doctors, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and more.
Digital Marketing for Doctors
Being the best doctor in your area is your achievement, and what you should concentrate on. Our job is to help your practice with medical marketing services and ensure that we create strategies that drive more patients to your practice. Our data shows a consistent increase in the patient count and overall business improvement for all physicians we work with. In some cases, we had to stop advertising since they could not handle more volume of new patients.
Digital Marketing for ERs
When someone experiences a health emergency issue, they search online, and they decide on the spot. We, at Nanato Media, make sure that your Emergency Rooms' digital marketing strategy puts you two steps ahead of the competition, and as a result, increases your walk-in patients. We help Emergency Rooms increase the patients they treat, while they optimize marketing costs and achieve maximized return on digital marketing investment.
Digital Marketing for Hospitals
Hospitals are invaluable to the healthcare industry, to the people, to the community. Nowadays, patients conduct their research online, and it’s important for healthcare providers to be prepared. Local Search Engine Optimization with an emphasis on the particular medical services you provide is an essential strategy to implement along with Google Ads Search Network campaigns. Both are proven digital marketing strategies to attract new patients.

Be relevant at every step of your patient's medical journey
in English and Spanish.

We are focusing on real business results for your Personal Injury law firm.
Track every lead with a personalized dashboard. Through our LTD (Lead Tracking Dashboard you can easily follow the results that matter to you, mark each lead as qualified of non-qualified and keep records of your calls and form submissions. Click fraud prevention. Your PPC campaigns are protected by the most effective click fraud prevention software. Personal injury PPC clicks are costly; we will make sure you don't spend a dime on clicks coming from bots, click farms of competitors. Heatmaps. Before your website of PPC campaign goes live we install a heatmap tool. We analyze its results regularly to identify and then remove any distractions that might hurt your conversions and drive your visitors towards taking the desired action (click-to-call/form submission).
All medical providers we partner with, have access to a customized LDT (Lead Tracking Dashboard) that helps you articulate the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns. There you can see a live representation of all new patients and what digital campaign they came from, and you will be able to mark each one of them as qualified or disqualified. Our LDT is a critical component of our excellent healthcare lead generation strategies that allows us to surface metrics and translate data into insight to optimize your campaigns accordingly.
Track your new patients through your LDT — Lead Tracking Dashboard.

Boost your patient acquisition. See results.

We connect you with prospective patients before they have healthcare needs with targeted local SEO campaigns and right when they need you the most with cost-efficient medical Google Ads campaigns.