Sticking the Landing (Page): English and Spanish Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

You’ve done it! You’ve spent your ad dollars on English and Spanish Facebook ads and bilingual PPC campaigns. Traffic from potential Hispanic clients abounds. Congratulations! We regret to inform you that only half the battle is won. Getting potential clients to your landing page is good. Converting curious users into happy customers is where victory lies. That’s where English and Spanish conversion rate optimization strategies, or CRO, come in. Grabbing the attention of potential customers is only valuable if you know what to do with the attention once you  get it. Whether you want curious consumers to buy your product, call your company, or fill out a form, we’ll be here to help you stick the landing (page). 

Sticking the Landing (Page): English and Spanish Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies
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Our Strategy? Always Be Converting

SEM, SEO, and CRO, assemble! The acronyms never stop and neither do we because we know the power each of these strategies have in generating more business for our clients when they work together. Let’s be real. The ultimate aim of attracting curious users from the Latinx market to your website is to convert them into customers. That’s why we offer English and Spanish conversion rate optimization services as an add-on for current SEM and SEO clients or as a stand-alone service to new customers who already have a strong traffic game. After all, with great SEO and SEM, comes great CRO possibility. 

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Help people find you. Be at the highest point of the search engines all the time. → Get found. Then get converting.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) as...

Okay, fine, you caught us. CRO isn’t (yet) in Webster’s Dictionary. Don’t be hard on the dictionary though. Print takes time to catch up. No sweat. We got it covered. Google’s best SEO-ed websites define conversion rate optimization as the process of using user experience design to optimize landing pages and overall website design to increase your conversion rates. Before your eyes glaze over, we’ll put it another way. The goal of CRO is for the highest percentage of visitors to your site to convert, or complete your desired action--whatever it may be. Want your visitors to make a purchase, submit a form, or make a phone call? Conversion rate optimization is there to make it happen. While many businesses focus on getting as much traffic as possible to their sites, CRO is often an untapped opportunity that can have a huge impact on delivering what all businesses really want: actual customers. If you’ve been hesitant to use CRO on your site in the past, let us convert you.

Traffic Generation

If there’s little to no fish in the pond, you can fish all day with no bites. SEM and SEO strategies are vital to getting “fish in the pond.” Without site traffic, even the best pages have no one to convert. On the flip side, if the pond is full of fish, but you’re not throwing out the line, you just end up waving at pretty fish as they swim under and away from your boat. CRO makes use of user experience design, so you can reel in fish worth writing home about.
1st stage

Strategy Formulation

Creating powerful CRO is a little bit of art, a little bit of science, and a whole lot of adapting to consumer’s needs. I mean, if there was one winning customer conversion formula, what the heck would you need us for? That’s not to say it’s all just guesswork. We’ve been around this block enough times to know what a winning strategy looks like. Through A/B testing, we create compelling content that we measure, refine, and hone, to create landing pages that are unique to you and stand out to curious users.
2nd stage


While in real estate it’s all about location, getting conversions is all about optimization, optimization, opti--you get the point. Once your site has garnered consistent traffic and your content has been honed, we’ll put it to work, optimizing the portion of your conversion funnel that receives the most traffic or generates the greatest number of conversions. After all, the only thing better than conversions is conversions, conversions, conver--okay, I’ll stop. All of this is included in our standard CRO service package. Did we mention we’ll be doing it in English AND Spanish?
3rd stage

Testing, testing. Do you read me?

Like any great chef trying out a new recipe, we know building powerful conversions takes a pinch of this, a dash of that, and a lot of tasting as we go to get it just right. Your business and your customers are unique. So it makes sense that to get the highest conversion rates, we have to test out a few flavors to see what sells like hotcakes and what flops like…bad hotcakes. Learning what makes your customers respond is what drives our content. Here’s a little taste of what we do:

Design and development of new pages

A/B split testing or multivariate testing

Content optimization

Google Analytics

UI and UX changes

Heatmaps and visitor Insights‎

Call-to-action (CTA) optimization

Why we’re trying to convert you to optimizing for conversions

Sure, the most obvious reason to optimize your website for conversions is for sales. But they’re only the tip of a very large iceberg. Take a dip beneath the surface. See what else it has to offer:

Why hire Google Ads experts instead of keeping everything in-house?

It was once said about Ginger Rogers that she “did everything Fred Astaire did...just backwards and in high heels.” As an SEM agency, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns and managed over $15 million in ad spend for our clients. And we’ve done it backwards and in high heels! Okay, that’s not true. But we have done it in two languages which is almost as cool. The US Hispanic market is our specialty and we’ve been working hand-in-hand with Google for over ten years, building an expertise in bilingual Search and Display campaigns. Let us use our expertise to create your strongest bilingual digital ad campaign yet.